PAWty Guidelines
Please practice responsible pet ownership and check out our guidelines below.

~~ One Pet per person.
~~ Pets should not be in heat, and preferably spayed/neutered.
~~ Each Pet must have a collar and leash. Choke or spiked collars are NOT permitted.
~~ Pets that are not trained to walk on a leash must be properly confined to a carrier.
~~ Walk or exercise your pet before the event to calm him/her before arrival.
~~ Bring a complete, up-to-date vaccination card with rabies shots.
~~ Chaperon your pet and keep him/her under control at all times for everyone’s safety.
~~ Do not bring pets needing a muzzle.
~~ If you require a separate drinking container for your pet, please bring one.
~~ Come prepared to clean up after your pet. Bring your own poopie bag 🙂
~~ Don’t forget, you and your pet MUST HAVE FUN !